Services and help available :

Life like you always believed in could be, deep deep inside of your Heart!

Liberating energy blocks (from past life of current life) to allow your personnel growth to unfold faster and deeper.

Realignment of your life’s journey with channeling and Tarot cards reading.

Helping you express and understand how you feel and what do to to change it.

Private coaching on how to become the Master of your personnal growth journey. Here are some subjects you might like to discuss with me :  

Simplifying the concept of ‘spirituality’ and integrating it into our everyday life

Free yourself from false beliefs regarding who you are and what is life and become who you really are. Learn to question every aspects in your life and in yourself  (Ex: Body image, gender stereotype, success, etc.) in order to understand that everything have been imposed on us by our family, society and humanity evolution.

Become self efficient in the face of every challenges, by learning how to pass from being the victim of circonstances into being the magician/creator of your life. Re-discover the magic in every moment and everything, making your existence a beautiful piece of art, an exciting experimentation.

Learn how to use your imagination to heal yourself.

Learn how to distinguish the energies and the voice coming from your mind or body, from the one’s of your Soul and Life itself. Liberate the truth and all the answers that were already inside of you and that have been kept quiet over the years.

Learn how to listen/see beyond what is said and done around you.

Understand the energetic dynamic between you and others as well the impact of your energy on your life’s circumstances and on the entire world.

Discover the power/impact of your intention and attention. Understand what is energy and how to use it.

Learn how to protect yourself energitically, how to clear your energies, how to ground and center yourself in order to maintain a balanced energy inside and around yourself.

Know how to become an important active part of  this special time of change on planet Earth.

Redefine life the way you truly see and feel it

Every session is adapted to your personal needs and life, in order to make you already be the master of your personal’s journey. Corine’s first desire is to help you become self sufficient and well equipped in order to keep uncovering the real You more and more everyday and in every circumstance.

I also help the Light Workers and Twinflames to understand their existence on this planet, make peace with their environment et themselves and find their way back to their personal essence. I also offer guidance in understanding and managing the energetic changes that are happening on the planet at this time.

Personal Coaching with Corine
Corine Corriveau